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The Most Popular Cocktails in Winter Among Finns

As we gear up for New Year’s celebrations, our SEO experts delved into Google Trends and search data to uncover this winter’s hottest cocktail trend and the preferred winter cocktail choices of Finns. This exploration offers a unique insight into the seasonal preferences and trending alcoholic beverages in Finland during the colder months.

“Moscow Mule” is Finland’s Top Trending Cocktail This December

Google Trends data reveals a remarkable surge in popularity for the “Moscow Mule” in Finland this December, recording an 83% increase in interest compared to other months of the year. This significant growth highlights the “Moscow Mule” as not just a trending choice, but the standout favorite among Finns during the festive season.

Moscow Mule is the most trending cocktails this winter among Finns

Top 10: Most Searched Cocktails in Winter Among Finns

By analyzing Google and YouTube search volumes, we’ve determined the most “googled” alcoholic cocktails this winter. This exploration offers a comprehensive view of the top 10 cocktails, showcasing those that have garnered the highest number of search queries in December. This data sheds light on the prevailing winter cocktail preferences among Finns.

The Most Popular Cocktails in Winter among Finns


Our methodology involved analyzing data from Google Trends, as well as search volumes from both Google and YouTube. This allowed us to compare current trends with those of the previous month, and to pinpoint cocktails with the highest overall search volume.

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