Vibex is a full-service digital PR agency

We help our clients to boost their visibility in search engines, while driving relevant traffic and building brand credibility into the bargain. Simple as that.

Why digital PR?

Digital PR helps your brand stand out from the competition and become more visible online, thus increasing brand awareness and driving relevant traffic. We achieve that by creating stories which showcase authority of your brand and gain the interest of journalists in order to earn coverage and backlinks to your site.


Content-led creative campaigns

Good old storytelling never gets old. Journalists with your field expertise will draft newsworthy, data-focused story. Our team will spice it up with stunning visuals, and repurpose it for onsite, PR outreach and socials.

Journalistic PR outreach

We have deep relations with journalists in your sector that we can leverage for coverage. Our outreach process is designed to ensure we source & vet the most relevant, authoritative media sites and find the best approach to convince journalists to feature your company.

Each campaign includes

Digital PR strategy
Bespoke Content Creation
Targeted Media Outreach
Baclkink guarantee
Social & Affiliate network engagements

Our approach

Vibex is a one-stop solution for your Digital PR needs. Our services are designed to deliver consequential and noteworthy results that will pay dividends to your business even after our job is done.

In order to show the value of our campaigns, not only do we report on media coverage achieved, we also monitor and report how digital PR impacts the bottom line.


Vibex is a team of talented young people with experience in leading marketing agencies.

In 2018 we gathered a small but strong team of professionals with one goal – to offer our clients the most noteworthy and exceptional Digital PR service on the market.

We are based in Estonia - a country that is known for its innovative e-government services, as well as for its attractiveness for startups. The atmosphere of digitalization and competition helps our company to always be on trend and constantly improve the quality of our services.

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